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About Promissum Software Ltd.

Promissum Software Ltd. is an innovative information technology company, offering a wide range of products and technical services to academic institutions and government agencies. Our project base has global reach. Our high profile customers include well known universities and government agencies. Our services include a wide variety of software solutions, including PAS™, an academic campus management suite. We are constantly expanding our scope of services and developing our products to give our clients the edge they need to excel. Your technical challenges and “unsolvable” problems will become our next innovation, our new breakthrough.

There's an old party game where a group of friends sit in a circle and a whispered message is passed around the circle. At the end of the line, the final person speaks the message aloud. Somehow, "there's no such thing as a free lunch" gets turned into "the snow munching ants flee scrunch."

Which brings us to the golden rule of communication: Message sent isn't always (or even sometimes) message received. Even with the best of intentions, your needs may end up being misinterpreted.

We are masters at bridging the gap between you and your needs. We're different than typical software firms because:
  • We listen carefully and research thoroughly so that we can clearly understand your business, you customers, and your message.
  • Our skillful and intelligent employee resources enable us to craft powerful solution that make a big impact and increase your business.
Promissum Corporate Governance and Ethics

Promissum Software Ltd. is committed to not only developing superior technology for our customers but also building a world-class company. With this commitment to excellence comes significant responsibility to conduct ourselves in a fair, ethical and legal manner at every level of our organization and at every location where we do business. Sound principles of corporate governance are critical to achieving our goal of corporate excellence. Promissum Software Ltd. promotes good corporate governance and ethics through a number of policies, procedures and practices, including:

Corporate Governance Principles (.pdf file, 256kB)
The Corporate Governance Principles summarize a number of corporate governance processes and guidelines -Corporate Governance Guidelines (.pdf file, 306kB)- for our Board of Directors and Corporate Officers. As part of its corporate governance, Promissum Software Ltd. has created three Committees of the Board of Directors including an Audit Committee (.pdf file, 292kB), Compensation Committee and Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee (.pdf file, 269kB).

Standards of Business Conduct (.pdf file, 481kB)
The Standards of Business Conduct are intended to inform all employees of their legal and ethical obligations to Promissum Software Ltd., its customers, competitors and suppliers. The Standards of Business Conduct promote honest and ethical conduct by our employees; full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure by Promissum Software Ltd. in our periodic reports; and compliance with applicable laws.

Financial Code of Ethics (.pdf file, 247kB)
The Financial Code of Ethics contains specific standards of business and conduct applicable to Promissum Software Ltd. officers and employees involved in our financial reporting processes.

Promissum Privacy Policy

At Promissum Software Ltd., we are committed to ensuring the privacy of our users. Any personal or identifying information submitted to Promissum is used solely for the users’ submitted purpose and is accessible only by staff specifically designated to facilitate the users in meeting their needs. Such information is kept secure through electronic, physical, and managerial safeguards and will not be redistributed under any circumstance.

The Promissum website does not collect information from or track end users without their notification and active consent. Any other information - collected by the Promissum website - is in the form of web logs or other non-identifying general usage data, and is used by the Promissum support staff for internal maintenance and development. This statistical data contains no personal information and cannot be used to gather personal information.



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